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Matriarchs of Change for

MOCfor Global Private Membership Association


But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”

The Declaration of Independence


           The intention of the Matriarchs of Change (MOCfor Global PMA) private membership association of entrepreneurs (hereinafter the PMA) is to offer "Members' Service Plans" customized by an application process consisting of needs and trade assessments and surety bonds. These contracts are funding sources allowing us to provide unlimited family and business services, information, education, and supportive personal and professional resources to individuals and families in crisis. The overall objective is to assist every living man, woman, and child in their pursuit of mental and emotional health, peace of mind, physical wellness, spiritual development, and economic prosperity.


          Membership does not extend to the household of the signee. Each family member must apply to become a member of the Association. Minors of all ages may participate with a parent or guardian's signed permission unless the minor is emancipated by a legal decree. When necessary and permissible, the PMA will obtain custody of wards of the state and undocumented orphans to permit membership. The benefits of membership are equal to members' contribution to the success of the PMA's Global Pandemic Economic Recovery System's ability to improve the welfare, adherence to natural law, protection of the environment, and endeavors to live abundantly, some of which are in the purview of “common knowledge,” and the “Will of God.”


        To protect the PMA and all members, as well as developers of websites and platforms, affiliates, contracted associates, social media influencers, traders and trade, manufacturers, and distributors of any new device, product, procedure, or service used for humankind or animal health, to promote peace or prosperity from any adverse action by any federal regulatory agency or any state agency, in exchange for the benefits offered by the PMA, all members consent to the terms and conditions set forth in this contract.


     Every member joins the PMA as a real flesh and blood, living sentient man, woman, or child in their natural and highest character, capacity, and standing, equal to all other men or women members, with exceptions to the ruling matriarchy. The PMA is and shall always be a private membership association held in trust.


        To protect all PMA members from the application of public law, each member privately agrees to take upon themselves the care and responsibility for their health, welfare, and financial security (and the health, welfare, and financial security of those dependent upon them) as predicated above. In so doing, agree to perform due diligence regarding anything offered to them by Allaya Ephesia or another matriarch, staff members of the office of matriarchs, member providers, or recipient of services and make informed decisions on health, welfare, and financial security a member thinks best to sustain a life of peace and prosperity. In so doing, assess and seek remedy for any discomfort, illness or pain, disability, disease, or wound to any member’s body, cease and desist in any mistreatment or neglect to a member's mind and emotions, protect and support any member's spiritual rights, and provide information and education in all financial dealings to attain, restore, improve, and maintain optimal physical, mental, spiritual, and financial wellness.


          Please read carefully. If you are unable to understand the contract as written in English, have someone read and explain the following content in a language you speak.



Articles of Association




Intent and Purpose

1.1     The intent of all members of this Private Membership Association (PMA) is to be able to obtain all available means privately, historical or newly developed data, information, knowledge, research, and facts about all established or discovered methods, modalities, procedures, devices, products, and services used in recovering, maintaining, or improving health and wellness, joy, peace, and prosperity, liberty, and justice acquired to achieve a lifestyle of abundance.


1.2     The purpose of this PMA is to allow the founders, facilitators, and all PMA members a platform in which to conduct all manner of private business within the Association and with other Associations and Association members, keeping all business in the private domain and utilizing the protections acknowledged and guaranteed by the Constitution for the United States of America, all previously guaranteed and subsequent protections.





2.1.    The name of this PMA is MOCfor Global PMA.




Assertion of Rights by Members

3.1.    In order to achieve the above-stated purpose, all PMA members consent to assert, stand upon, and enforce all their applicable fundamental inalienable, constitutionally secured, judicially or statutorily created or recognized perfect rights (rights) as human creatures embodied with living souls.


3.2.    All members consent to the principles established as rights in the Bible; the common-law of England from the Magna Carta of 1215 CE through the English Bill of Rights, 1689 CE until the 4th day of July, 1776 CE; the Law of Nations, 1758 CE; The Declaration of Independence, 1776 CE; and those expressly stated in or deemed to be included the rights secured to people by The Constitution for the United States of America, 1789 CE, as amended and ratified by passage of The Bill of Rights, 1791, as lawfully amended[1] (hereinafter referred to as “the federal Constitution”) and the Laws of the United States that are made in pursuance thereof; the Constitution or Form of Government for the People of California, 1879 CE, as lawfully amended (hereinafter referred to as “the California Constitution”) and the Laws made in pursuance thereof; and, the Constitution and the Laws made in pursuance thereof of any other state or commonwealth in which the PMA also become sited, operates in or in which a member thereof lives; and, if necessary, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, 1948 CE, of the United Nations.


3.3.    All PMA members consent to assert and stand upon their inalienable rights to Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness; private property; the specific constitutionally secured and included rights and any statutorily recognized rights or rights derived from a case decision including, but not limited to, the rights to freedom of association, speech, the press, privacy and especially regarding lawful financial transactions, business practices, spiritual development, and health and wellness and acknowledge that all such rights are or can be applicable to all people.


3.4.    All PMA members agree to assert, stand upon, and enforce all their perfect rights, especially those expressly enumerated in (or that by reason, logic, and common sense, common law, statute, or case law have been incorporated in) Article I, Section 1 and Articles in Amendment One, Four, Five, Nine and Ten of the California and Federal Constitutions that secures to each and every member of the PMA the absolute inalienable right to control their own body, mind, spirit, and private business affairs.


3.5.    All PMA members agree to assert, stand upon, and enforce their absolute freedom of choice in health education and in the means, manners, modalities, and treatments regarding health or wellness care at all times while dealing privately/individually with other PMA members within the operation of the PMA on matters that are or could be considered generally to be within the scope and purview of the PMA.




Waiver of Privileges

4.1.    All PMA members agree that they do not consent to and will not call upon, depend, or rely upon any governmental authority[2] for a determination of the safety, efficacy, lawfulness, or legality of any form of introduction to information, education, or treatment, medical, business-related financial or otherwise suggested, offered or provided by any other PMA member. Each PMA member agrees that they will exercise due care, consideration, and due diligence of any form of introduction to information, education, treatment, medical, financial, and business conduct, or otherwise suggested, offered, or provided by any other member before pursuing such interest(s).


4.2.    All PMA members do hereby specifically release and hold harmless from any and all liability, any governmental authority for any act or omission made by one PMA member[3] to another member, including but not limited to any and all governmental licensing administrative agencies or boards previously “licensed” medical care providers or practitioners, licensed chiropractors, dentists, doctors, and all other equivalent or similar agencies to THE UNITED NATIONS’ (hereinafter referred to as the “UN”) WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION; the UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES, FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION; the NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF HEALTH; MEDICARE; MEDICAID (and all similar state agencies); and laws including, but not limited to, the PATIENT PROTECTION AND AFFORDABLE CARE ACT, Pub.L. 111-148, 124 Stat. 119 (a.k.a. “Obama Care”).


4.3.    All PMA members specifically waive all benefits offered by the Medical Practices Acts, as amended, of any of the fifty (50) independent freely associated compact states of The United States of America; the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act, as amended; the Food Safety Modernization Act, as amended; the FOOD AND AGRICULTURE ORGANIZATION OF THE UNITED NATIONS, WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION’S Codex Alimentarius, as amended, DEPARTMENT OF CONSUMER AFFAIRS, FINANCIAL CRIMES ENFORCEMENT NETWORK, and any and all similar local, municipal, city, county, state, federal or international legislation, public law, public policy or efforts purporting to statutorily control or regulate healthcare practitioners, devices, products, procedures, services, treatment modalities, or the sale of any devices, products, procedures or services used for health, healthcare or wellness.


4.4.    Every PMA member hereby specifically holds harmless and releases from liability each and every local, municipal, county, state, federal, and international court (magistrate, judge, or justice) from adjudicating any matter arising from participation in this PMA and for any act or omission (except for an act or omission creating a “clear and present danger of substantive evil” as determined by a jury for a court of competent venue and jurisdiction) made by any PMA member. No PMA member shall grant any magistrate, judge, or justice of any court in The United States of America, or any international court, personal jurisdiction over such member while acting within or who has acted within the scope and purview of this PMA until such member has exercised all available remedies set forth herein in paragraphs 13 and 14.


4.5.    All PMA members hereby specifically agree that as long as each and every one of the above-referenced administrative agencies and personnel; courts, and the officers thereof, leaves each and every PMA member alone that all PMA members will waive any and all rights to either institute a case or civil action or become a proper party in any lawsuit or civil action against, or request criminal prosecution[4] for the deprivation of rights under color of law for any of the above-stated persons’ or entities’ attempt to deprive any member of his/her rights included or referred to herein.


4.6.    In order to provide remedy for the above-waived rights, all PMA members shall have the right to select a panel of members to serve as arbitrators to hear any grievance a member brings against either the PMA or another member. The panel shall consist of a minimum of five members, two selected by the aggrieved party, two by the accused party, and one selected by the PMA. The fifth member shall be a Matriarch of the PMA unless the PMA itself is accused. In any case that the PMA itself is accused, the fifth member may be any member with tenure and a ten (10) year contract who is not an injured or aggrieved party to the issue and who is agreeable to both the aggrieved party and the accused.


4.7.    In the event that internal arbitration is unsuccessful, all parties agree next to select and convene a tribunal. The tribunal will consist of twelve members, four subject matter experts, four oracles, four matriarchs, and Zeus, represented by the Head Matriarch.



Type of Association

5.1.    The PMA is a fully informed voluntary meeting of the minds of free people acting in their natural, real, character, capacity, and standing;[5] associating together pursuant to the intent, purpose, express provisions, terms, conditions, and principles set forth in this contract.


5.2.    The PMA is not a public entity of any kind whatsoever created by or under any governmental authority or statute (a statutory association, corporation, Limited Liability Company, limited or general partnership, foundation, statutory trust, etc.).



Benefits of Membership

6.1.    The PMA offers people only one thing, membership. Membership includes access to information and education in entrepreneurship, trade development, home and business services, health, wellness, administrative support, and funding opportunities.


      From time to time, the PMA may also, at its sole discretion, provide members with marketing assistance including, but not limited to, demonstrations, educational materials, presentations and training in the use of cryptocurrency and crowdfunding platforms, available or endorsed products, procedures, services, software, and equipment, and how they are complementary and comprehensive in a multitude of industries, to include but not limited to alternative and conventional, ancient and modern practices in health and healing, business consulting and labor, the arts, productions and performances, and other skills that may or may not be listed under “The Marketplace” on the membership application.


6.2.    Every PMA member shall be entitled to access the website and to the advice and counsel of each and every other PMA member on topic(s) promoted by a member. Every PMA member is encouraged to let all other PMA members know about their successes or failures in our continuing effort to learn, teach, and grow as a community.


6.3.    No PMA member accepts any liability for any acts or omissions committed by the PMA or by any other PMA member.


6.4.    Membership does not convey any right, title, or interest in the PMA or to any asset or property acquired or owned by the PMA.



Membership and Consideration

7.1.    The PMA is open to every man or woman of lawful age who is competent to enter a lawfully binding contract and, through them, their family members, and persons lawfully in their care, custody, or under their control. Minors of all ages may participate with a signed permission form by a parent or guardian unless the minor is emancipated by a legal decree. When necessary and permissible, the PMA will obtain custody of wards of the state and undocumented orphans to permit membership.


7.2.    As set forth above, although everyone is welcome to apply for membership, in order to protect the privacy of the PMA and the members thereof, membership is neither offered nor available to any agent, employee, officer, or official (person) engaged in any investigative or regulatory activity that is or may be relevant to the PMA by any state, federal or international government or governmental administrative agency; licensing association or board; any person engaged in any form of law enforcement performing any investigative activity or function or while acting in any official or quasi-official character or capacity whatsoever for any government or governmental authority. Anyone in any such character and capacity privately requesting membership for the enhancement, preservation, and recovery or to prolong their own or their family's health and welfare must agree to uphold at all times the privacy of the PMA and of any and all members such person may come into contact. Every person acting in any manner whatsoever for any administrative agency of any state, federal, or international government must agree that this contract takes precedence over any public law and their employment or official position and agrees not to disclose anything seen, heard, or discovered through membership contact with the PMA and its members to any investigative or regulatory entity, state, federal or international.


7.3.    All PMA members agree that all members are equal, with the exception of the matriarchy. There is no, and there shall never be, a MOCfor Global Matriarch subject to any PMA member, privately or publicly. The PMA forms commissions, councils, and committees of members who are experts in their fields to provide oversight and validate registered trades. When dealing with PMA members offering products, services, procedures, or support in any field of practice or industry, all members waive the right to the protections offered to the public by any and all governmental authorities.


7.4.    A list of all current PMA members shall be kept in The Office of Matriarchs.


7.5.    The PMA has One (1) membership level. All Member Service Packages are customized based on the needs and trade assessment conducted upon receipt of the membership application. The only marketable difference in memberships is the length in terms selected by the applicant. The Options are Five (5) Year Membership Contract Term or Ten (10) Year Membership Contract Term.


     Payment is accepted in fiat United States Dollars[6] and cryptocurrency by way of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, TRON, Litecoin, XRP, Chainlink, Cardano, Monero, Tether, and Stellar. The membership fee only covers the signee or a sponsored applicant. The membership fee does not include family members and persons in the member's care, custody, or control. The membership fee does not include any costs to purchase, participate in, or become an associate of any platform, device, product, service, or marketing plan introduced or suggested by the PMA or any member of the PMA. The form of money accepted or stated amount for membership may only be modified by a matriarch or waived by an ambassador or prime minister when requested by a prospective member, deemed to be in the applicant's best interests. However, in any event, all members agree that the PMA membership benefits offered and received by the member are worth far more than the fee for the membership plan selected and paid in United States of America Dollars and cryptocurrency.




8.1.    The PMA initially shall operate by and through The Office of Matriarchs. The founder shall serve as the Head Matriarch. The founder and Head Matriarch of the PMA is Allaya Ephaesia of Orion, formerly registered with the United States of America, Inc. as Sheila Tabarsi.


8.2.    The PMA shall thereafter operate by and through a Council of Matriarchs, and as determined or deemed necessary by the Council, one or more MOCfor Global Matriarchs may be appointed or hired. Ministers may be assigned one or more specific duties and may also act as spokespersons for the PMA for all or certain matters. The Office of Matriarchs have appointed Kristopher L. McHale as the first spokesperson for the PMA.


8.3.    Matriarchs reserve the right to select from among themselves any member or any other man or woman they deem is best able to communicate to act as spokesperson should the first spokesperson resign, become incapacitated, or die.


8.4.    All records created or maintained by the PMA,[7] especially regarding any members’ mental, physical, or spiritual condition or health, shall at all times be and will always remain the private property of the PMA regardless of where such record is archived/stored; any such record is protected by, at the minimum, Article IV in Amendment to the federal Constitution and the laws of The United States made in pursuance thereof.


8.5.    The PMA may adopt additional rules and regulations as deemed necessary by the Matriarchs at the sole discretion of the Matriarchs.




9.1.    The PMA’s primary place of operation shall be located at:


1187 N. Willow Ave., Suite 103-897

Clovis, California 93611-4411



Money, Banking, Taxes, and Fees

10.1.  The Matriarchs and most PMA members object to the passage of the FEDERAL RESERVE ACT, the FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM, and the FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE; that is the current paper “fiat currency” of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. However, without prejudice and under the “doctrine of necessity,” the PMA, as an accommodation or under necessity, may have to receive FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES from time to time and shall open a bank/brokerage account for the purpose of negotiating any FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES received for paying expenses and taxes and for filing necessary government forms, for which the Matriarchs take full responsibility.


10.2. The Head Matriarch shall be the sole signatory on any financial account maintained by the PMA. The Head Matriarch may delegate this authority to one other Matriarch.


10.3. The Matriarchs shall timely pay or dispute any tax assessment levied upon the PMA by any governmental authority.


10.4. The Matriarchs shall review any business licensing law, regulation, or rule which may be claimed to be applicable to the PMA’s affairs and determine if any such license is, in fact, required for the PMA’s lawful operation in the venue in which it is located.



11.1   The PMA will automatically terminate upon the death of the last Matriarch or may terminate voluntarily upon the unanimous vote of the current Matriarchs. Upon voluntary termination, all assets of the PMA shall become the private property of the Founding Matriarch, if then alive and competent; if deceased or incompetent, such assets will become the private property of their spouses, heirs, assigns, devises, or estates.



Force Majeure

12.1   Every PMA member specifically holds harmless and releases each and every local, municipal, city, county, state, federal and international magistrate, judge, or court from any and all liability arising from any act or omission (except an act or omission creating a “clear and present danger of substantive evil” as determined above) which could be considered to be an “act of God” or otherwise “beyond the control of the Matriarchs of the PMA” regarding any matter arising from a member’s participation in this PMA.


12.2. Conversely, any act or omission of any kind whatsoever, committed by any person claiming to act or acting under color of law (not acting under actual constitutional authority), may be prosecuted, civilly and criminally, to the fullest extent of the law in any appropriate court.



Construction and Interpretation

13.1   The definition of all words used in this document, unless specifically defined herein, are as used in conversational English in the year 2023 CE in The United States of America. No legal terms, phrases, or definitions are used herein, nor shall legal terms, phrases, or definitions be used at any time in the future by anyone in order to give this contract a different intent or meaning than that which was intended and given by the author of this contract at the time of this document’s writing.




14.1. Each numbered paragraph and all clauses, conditions, provisions, or terms herein are severable. In the event that a jury of peers, a competent court of proper venue and lawful jurisdiction finds any clause(s), condition(s), provision(s), or term(s) unlawful, illegal, void as a matter of law, or unenforceable for any lawful reason, it/they shall be deemed excised from this contract, and this contract and all remaining clauses, conditions, provisions, and terms shall remain in full force and effect.



Proper Venue

15.1. Proper venue is on the land inside the exterior boundaries of California.



Governing Law

16.1. The laws set forth in paragraph 3.2 above shall be the governing law for the PMA.




17.1. Membership agreements and term contracts in the PMA are non-assignable.



Entire Contract

18.1. The above-stated constitutes all clauses, conditions, terms, and provisions creating and governing the administration and operation of the PMA. No oral recitations or promises made by any man, woman, or person shall have any force of law or legally binding effect on the PMA or any member thereof when acting within the scope or purview of the PMA.



Final Claim

19.1. The administration of this agreement and the PMA hereby created is generally beyond the scope of authority and powers granted by the people to the de jure Republic form of the government of California and the United States and is protected by no less than Article I, section one, of the Constitutions for California and the United States and Articles in Amendment IX and X of the Federal Constitution and the laws of the United States made in pursuance thereof.


      The above-named PMA is hereby created by the Head Matriarch subscribing her autograph on the original document by her own hands, and of her own free will, and by the people identified as Charter Members subscribing their autographs below, by their own hands and electronic submission, of their own free will beginning on the day of submission 2023 CE.




[1] Including the Original XIII (Thirteenth) Article Amended to the Federal Constitution.


[2] The term “governmental authority” used in this contract means and includes any and all local, municipal, city, county, state, federal, or international governmental administrative agencies, instrumentalities, subsidiaries, or organizations; each and every agent, employee, officer, official or servant thereof whether acting in an administrative, judicial or in any representative character and capacity whatsoever.


[3] Except if the PMA or a PMA member commits any act, makes any omission, publishes, or utters any statement which creates a “… clear and present danger that they will bring about substantive evils that Congress has a right to prevent.” Schenick v United States, 249 U.S. 47 (1919) as determined by a jury for a court of competent venue and jurisdiction.


[4] See Sections 242 and 241, Title 18 UNITED STATES CODE.


[5] Proper parties to this contract are not legal, fictional, or lost “persons” acting in any commercial, legislative, or public character or capacity; they do so simply as a real private living, sentient, fully informed man, or woman.


[6] See Article in Amendment VII [Seven] to the Federal Constitution.


[7] Includes, but is not limited to, any and all written/printed documents, photographs, X-ray films, CAT scans, or MRI results, whether on film or as computer-generated images, audio/video recordings and the like, and any and all paper, magnetic, electronic, or optical storage or copies thereof.

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