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MOCfor Global PMA is a private membership association of entrepreneurs, a leading provider of “Lifestyle Improvement Plans,” and the workforce behind MOCfor Global Pandemic Economic Recovery Systems (GPERS).


GPERS is a globally unifying humanitarian effort to generate a commercially driven Universal Basic Income (UBI) for communities in financial crisis while establishing foundations of sustainable wealth for each member until every household is financially independent. A ONE-SIZE-FITS-ALL solution, GPERS is scalable from single communities to nations of participants. Fully operational, it can resolve the following global crises:

Poverty by applying Banking Laws, the Bill of Exchange Act, U.S. Codes, and UCC Codes to Consumer Credit Transfers, and Setting Off Debts

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The Unemployment Crisis

Personal Financial Crisis

Income Equality

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Make Healthcare, Alternative Healing, Adult Care, and Childcare Free or Affordable Worldwide

Free Education or Prepay College Tuitions before Students Graduate from Primary and Preparatory Schools 

Provide Supplemental Income for Employees in Industries Sensitive to Business Cycles.


Provide Independent Sources of Funding to Supercharge Economic Growth Where Needed

Executive Level Benefits to include Higher Education, Paid Leave, and Vacation Benefits Equally for Everyone 

" Entrepreneurship is the key to Sovereignty, and sovereignty is the key to Salvation."

Twenty-three years in the making, we exist to serve all communities and invite you to Become a Member.

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