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Business Services


Business services include but are not limited to individual and family services, trade development, acquiring and managing assets, holistic healthcare, fitness, the arts, sports, and spiritual growth. Our specific service list aims to perpetuate the consciousness of wealth until each active member can subconsciously manifest business opportunities, improve peer-to-peer and business relationships, time management, and productivity, and become worthy beneficiaries, responsible trustees, and confident, competent asset managers.


01. Registration
& Membership

Membership classifications indicate a person's level of experience in consumer and trust law application, private banking, entrepreneurship,  spirituality, practice in alternative healing, generational wealth-building, and social equality. Once an application is accepted, Life-style coaches contact new members to customize Member Service Packages.


02. Needs Assessment 
& Trade Submission

Customizing Members' Service Packages begins with completing Needs Assessment and Trade Submission forms. The information provided initiates the assigning of resources through educational material, business services, admin- istrative support, and personal assistance. Members can become Service Providers as well as recipients of the services offered.


03. Marketing, Promotions
& Special Events

Once Member's Service Packages are complete and members' trades, business services, labor, profession, skills, art and experience are registered, they're placed in The Marketplace where it is possible to "Earn While Learning" to become successful business owners. Lifestyle Improvement starts in the heart and works outward until every aspect of life is as beautiful on the outside.


04. Funding, Investing
& Universal Basic Income

MOCfor Global PMA and GPERS™ are not investment firms. Members' participation in "The Marketplace"  perpetuates a Universal Basic Income generated by commercial endeavors. Once financially secure, members are given the right of first refusal on member's shared buy-in opportunities. 


05. Housing, Health
& Transportation

This service allows members to provide specific details of the house and home they prefer to live in, its location, their vehicle of choice, and accommodations needed to support the healthy lifestyle each chooses to live. All site visitors are welcome to benefit from the Health Maintenance page once completed.


06. Administrative Support
& Business Planning

Request administrative support while moving through the membership process, marketplace entry, and scheduling consultations. MOCfor Global has Member Service Providers in most industries offering expert advice, sometimes for free or trade. We're honoured to serve.


07. Status Correction
Passports & License Plates

Status correction is The process of compiling documents needed to prove or declare one's unalienable rights as a native of the state and country to which they were born,  enforce those rights, and claim the exemption. We include assistance in obtaining the passport and private license plates that support the status.


08. Secured Party Creditor Pkgs
Fintech & Document Prep

Becoming a Secured Party Creditor for qualified access to your U.S. Treasury Trust, home ownership, vehicle, health, education, and other debt-free living essentials is not a privilege, it's a birthright. It's not just a member service, it's a lifestyle change, and we endeavour to make it as smooth as possible for you and your family.


09. Paralegal Support
& Wealth Management

First, we ensure our members are fully informed and educated on the difference between what is legal and what is lawful then, we focus on when, where, and how to apply each principle to achieve the desired outcome.  Our referral source of experts in wealth management is second to none. 


10. Future Entrepreneurs
Youth Programs

Our programs are designed to inspire, educate, and empower future leaders, providing them with the knowledge, resources, and mentorship necessary to transform their ideas into successful ventures developed the way all commercial business should have been in the last two hundred years.


11. Spiritual Development
& Alternative Healing

We offer spiritual guidance to practical solutions for romance, marriage, family, and child rela-tionship building, career and busi-ness consulting, conflict resolution, confidence building, alternative, holistic healthcare referrals, and more. Healing from societal im-balance is as  important internally. 


12. Living in The Private

Event Calendar 

The event calendar includes daily discussions on a variety of topics ranging from how to add more services to the Member Service Package, build clientele as Member Service Providers, invites to discus-sion panels hosted by industry experts, weekly workshops, and "Featured members" services.

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