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My name is Allaya "Ahli" Ephesia. I'm a United States Air Force veteran and former Staff Sergeant of the 349th Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron, Travis AFB, and the Persian Gulf War. I am also a celestial and the Head Matriarch of MOCfor Global PMA, a private membership association of entrepreneurs. MOCfor Global is my attempt to provide the same level of family support, healthcare, education, vocational training, and financial security I received in the military for civilians everywhere. MOCfor Global is my life's work and my life's purpose. I hope someday it will mean as much to you! Ahli

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Greek Gods Framed5.png

My Story

Military life provided vocational training in emergency medical services with an accelerated education in every department of major medical centers in preparation for air evacuation duties. Specialized training included mental health and laboratory procedures. However, after completing my tour of duty, several years in the competitive fitness industry, and a decade in the TV and film industry, I returned to business administration.


Since then, I have devoted most of my time to developing strategic economic recovery plans, business trades, and administrative systems that resolve national and global socio-economic issues. I'm a mother and devoted grandparent committed to improving childcare and access to advanced education for children of all ages everywhere. I am a Universal Life Coach Minister and Master in Soul Evolution with a private practice in professional, intuitive spiritual life coaching, business consulting, alternative medicine and body healing, and relationship expert.


As a celestial, my name is pronounced Aw*Lee, like Mohammad Ali; I relate to the Gods of Greek Mythology. Allaya is pronounced like two words: Alla*ya  means "Way to Enlightenment." I know the origin of my soul. Do you?


I was created in space by Zeus to represent the love relationship between my mother, Artemis, a.k.a "Diana Ephesia," and father, Orion (Monarch of the Orion Star System). As a polytheist, my perspectives are those of a planetary leader; some say that I embody the wisdom of Solomon; however, I execute based on the teachings of Christ. Immortally, I am an Olympian. Here and now on Earth, I am a 4th Generation Native Cherokee Shaman and descendant of African American, British (English, Irish, Scottish), and Norwegian lineage. My Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) is beyond measure, and I hold sway over nature's elements. Ask me anything for a unique insight into the outcome of all challenges and become a member of MOCfor Global PMA today for a guaranteed life of liberty, peace, and prosperity. Benvenuto!

Greek Gods Framed5.png


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect. Ahli


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