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& Couples Sessions


Consultations are not for entertainment! The answers you receive can be life-changing. Initial consultations will take you on journies of self-discovery and validate who you believe yourself to be, your life's purpose, and how you ended up on this page. You may ask as many questions as possible on any subject within the time scheduled. The Cost of Group Sessions is determined by the size of the group. Call or text for more information.

Chakra Balancing
Learning Strategies
Resolving PTSD
Stress Management
College and Beyond
Senior Lifestyle Planning
Overcoming Worry
Confidence Building
Path to Redemtion
Relationship Building
Total Lifestyle Improvement Plans
American Flag of Peace
Necessary Destinations
The Future of Asylum Seekers
Everything About the Home
Celestials and Soul Origins
Working with Children Near and Far
Questions of Finance

Spiritual Life Coaching

Sessions consist of Spiritual Guidance to Practical Solutions for: Romance, Marriage, Family, and Child Relationship Building.

Life Journey Sessions

Ask What's Your Purpose in Life

Visit The Origin of  Your Soul

Request a Formal Meeting with Your Spiritual Guides and Creator.

Spiritual Development

Clear Chakra Centers and Request

Guided Meditations  for: Grounding & Centering; Clarity & Focus; and Travel through Time & Space.

Spiritual Clearing

Deep Cleansing to increase vibrational frequency via guided Meditations through Spatial 

Vortexes and Solar Radiation.


Request Phone or Video Session

Please complete and submit the form below before booking a session. All consultations default to unrecorded phone sessions unless otherwise requested. Call this number at your appointment time and/or for the exact location of In-Person meetings on The Strand and next to Moody Gardens in Galveston, TX:
(409) 877-1237

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