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MOCfor Global Pandemic Economic Recovery Systems is a globally unifying humanitarian effort to provide reliable income for people in crisis. Once a member achieves financial stability, the system continues serving as a Universal Basic Income (UBI) for as long as the member actively participates. What would you do with an extra $929.28 a week?


Active participants prosper by monetizing and promoting their God-given Gifts of Commerce, becoming MOCfor Global Member Service Providers, and outsourcing their products and services to non-member nationals. 

MOCfor Global Survivors of Natural Disasters

. . . Affording Survivors 

of Natural Disasters 

in most cases, the ability to protect their families and save belongings before disaster strikes. Wait out crises in comfortable environments and begin restoration as soon as the worst is over. 


MOCfor Global Recipients of Social Services

. . . Affording Recipients of

 Social Services

the ability to increase their quality of life. Eat healthier, obtain private healthcare coverage, and become debt-free while improving lifestyle or relocating to more supportive or progressive neighborhoods.


. . . Affording Refugees and  Migrants Seeking Asylum

the ability to obtain preferred living accommodations while completing the legal process of becoming citizens in almost any country of their choosing. Acquire deserved peace, happiness, safety, and security.


MOCfor Global Refugees and Migrants Seeking Asylum
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A One-Size-Fits-All Solution

GPERS's unique systems solve local problems of loss or lack of financial income while simultaneously accommodating the needs of people around the world.


Donations help the least fortunate of our community members help themselves by providing the means for participation in our marketplace.  In there, whole families can sustain housing, food, healing, and other life-saving necessities.  

Thank you! AEO

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MOCfor Global Military Veterans

. . . Affording Military Veterans

the ability to consult, teach or perform the tasks that made them great when active in the military. Invigorate group participation with demonstrations of capabilities instead of disabilities, and receive preferred support and treatments.


MOCfor Global Senior Citizen

 . . . Affording Senior Citizens

the ability to make Social Security an income reserve rather than a primary, faster-becoming debt-free. Work as much or little as desired while affording the best in private healthcare coverage regardless of existing conditions. 


MOCfor Global Small Business Owners

 . . . Affording Contractors and Small Business Owners

the working capital needed to prevent going out of business during the pandemic and funding to rebuild once the crisis is over. Cryptocurrency Crowdfunding can save our local businesses.


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MOCfor Global Families

. . . Affording Parents

with school-aged children, the ability to create a daily schedule that will accommodate the needs of their children first. Parents could easier afford daycare costs, materials needed for classroom projects, and healthier meals and snacks.


MOCfor Global College Students

. . . Affording College Students

the ability to generate the money needed to pay future college expenses during their last four years in grade school. The prospect encourages higher performance and prevents students from needing to work through college.


MOCfor Global Educators

. . . Affording Educators 

the ability to provide more diverse and higher levels of education. Parent/Teacher organizers can pull their resources to provide necessary learning materials, equipment, and field trips for students on and off-campus without delay. 


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MOCfor Global Memberships

Mutually Assured Success

MOCfor Global is the life's work of matriarchs. Our mission is sound, vision complete, and commitment total. No stone is left unturned to ensure the triumph of good until financial crises no longer exist. Together, and with your donations, we can improve the lives of people in need wherever they are.

MOCfor Global Mental Healthcare

. . . Affording Members with Mental Health Issues

the ability to work in as much a public setting as is comfortable to remain on task. Customize work environments and create flexible schedules that allow more time to meditate and re-center to maximize performance and productivity.


MOCfor Global Support for Victims

. . . Affording Victims of Violent Crimes and Trafficking

the ability to escape harm. Retreat to environments providing safety away from molestation, drugs, and other criminal activity. Time to recover and heal, and acquire legal assistance and personal protections needed to remain safe. 

#SupportSurvivors  #MeToo

MOCfor Global's Plan for Prison Reform

. . . Affording People with Felony Convictions or Falsely Accused 

a fair chance to start over. New beginnings without the heavy burdens of being judged so harshly they are only accepted as low-wage employees. Opportunities to more than adequately provide for their families honestly and with integrity. 


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