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Affirmations & Prayers


Why Pray?


Spiritual Nourishment

The following are words of wisdom that remind me that the soul of man, like his physical and mental bodies, requires spiritual ​exercise as well as spiritual nourishment:

Psychological Practice

Prayer is a sound psychological practice aside from its religious implications and spiritual nature. It's our connection to the divine in everyone.


Prayer is also the most efficient approach to the realization of human powers stored reserve in the mind and transcends ideas from human to divine.

Pray Gratefully!

Everything you experience today is preparing you for a greater experi- ence tomorrow; every tomorrow that becomes today is a great opportunity to better your life.



How to Pray

Sit down, compose your mind and think about God. Try to arrive at a deep sense of peace and calm. Then assume an attitude of gratitude for the blessings you've received since the time of your birth.

What to Pray For

Make a list ~

Pray to God for values, not things; give thanks for what you have, and with great faith, expect to have.

Thank You, to The Source of Creation for: The Well-Being of My Family


who good, bad, or indifferent, have given me a guideline for improving myself.  Guidance so, I may always know my next step. Insight into the truth in all matters.


to accept matters of great importance and not be overwhelmed by lesser ones. Strength to do what's right even when I know it's least popular.

Feeling Better

Soon after you've completed your prayers for the day, you'll realize that life is sometimes funky and sometimes funny, but at least you have one, and if you don't GET ONE! In any case, you'll feel better!!!

The Difference Between Praying and using The Law of Attraction 

Praying to God fulfills the spirit of man; the Law of Attraction bends the universe to the desire of man's will.


Mantra to Prosper

I have sown the seed and the harvest fulfills the intent and will of God.



Do not become discouraged by the discovery that you are human.


Spiritual Nature

Human nature may tend toward evil but it is not in herently sinful.




A lasting social system without a morality predicated on spiritual realities can no more be maintained than could the solar system without gravity.

The Urantia Book

The Lord's Prayer & Hail to The Goddess

Family Protection Prayer

Prayer for Aid from Archangel Michael

White Roses.png

Psalms 23: The Lord

is My Shepherd

Psalm 35:

A Plea for Deliverance

Psalm 41: Benevolence

to The Poor Brings Safety


Universal Prayer for All Humankind

Serenity Prayer for Courage and Wisdom

How to Give a Spiritual Treatment

Universal Prayer.png

Prayers & Healing Referrals


Submit a Request

Prayers and healing referrals are available for anyone and everyone. However, members of our private association may request the names of specific healers within our membership. 

God bless and Godspeed to your success!


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