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Planet and Moon

Spiritual Development

Develop Your Intuition * Discover Your Celestial Origins * Determine Your Purpose in Life

This class reveals or acknowledges your calling. It realizes and helps you recognize who and what your influences are in both spiritual and material worlds. Demonstrates how to live by universal laws and use the law of attraction (energy, mind, and matter) to manifest what you wish for in life. Sound easy? To achieve your goals, you will need to raise your frequency and sync into alignment with nature, resulting in "The End" of the old and the beginning of life anew to resemble your dreams. "Revelations" is all truths be told, the end of ignorance, and the beginning of true enlightenment.

Intuitive development is a natural course of action and the next stage of evolution for humankind. Prayers, meditations, affirmations, reading books, and visualization can help you develop your senses to better communicate with your spiritual guides, discern the right course of action in all matters, realize the true nature of life's experiences, know truth from deception, and quickly resolve and overcome life's challenges.

Series I: Classes I - 5      Series II: Classes 1-5     Series III: Classes 1-5

Planet and Moon

Suggested Reading

Click here to borrow books from the Internet Archives

The Book of Knowledge:

Keys of Enoch

by: J J Hurtak

Awakening our own divine creative process, that has its unity in the Man-I-God partnership. Let us experience God l'infini and His Work, taking chaos through its process and awakening into a divine Plan of creation . . .

You Are Psychic!

by: Pete A. Sanders, Jr., MIT

Use scientifically proven methods to harness inborn intuitive abilities. Every one has occasional psychic experiences, but it's time to realize it is possible to access all of our sense on command. You are made in the likeness of your creator. 

Soul Psychology

by: Dr. Joshua David Stone

Soul Psychology offers a stimulating new viewpoint that expands the boundaries of traditional spiritual practice. This book is not a psychological approach to spirituality. It is instead a spiritual approach to the psychology of everyday living.

The Indigo Children

by: Lee Carroll & Jan Tober 

Indigo Children displays a new set of psychological attributes, revealing advanced knowledge and insightfulness. Are these kids smarter than we were at their age? They are definitely more aware. Looking at human evolution in kids today.

Planet and Moon

Series I: History of The Universe and Origin of Your Soul (Overview)

 Sundays @ 10am ~ 11:30am MST  *  11am ~ 12:30pm CST   12pm ~ 1:30pm EST  *  1pm ~ 2:30pm

Recording links will activate once recordings are available.

Class 1



Sizes, number, locations, their capitals and you.


May 2023

Class 2



The origin of creation, journey, timeline and purpose.


May 2023

Class 3



Everything you wanted to know; and why so many disbelieve. Religion, spirituality, magic, and science.


May 2023

Class 4



The immortal souls of mankind cannot achieve an eternity of evolution in just one (1) life cycle. Understanding the purpose of a soul and the process of evolution.


May 2023

Class 5


The Lucifer Rebellion

Explaining why we are the least evolved of human inhabited worlds in 49 universes.


June 2023

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