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MOCvir Wêreldwye pandemie ekonomiese herstelstelsels is 'n wêreldwye verenigende humanitêre poging om betroubare inkomste vir mense in krisis te verskaf. Sodra 'n lid finansiële stabiliteit bereik, dien die stelsel steeds as 'n Universele Basiese Inkomste (UBI) solank die lid aktief deelneem. Wat sou jy doen met 'n ekstra $929,28 per week?


Aktiewe deelnemers floreer deur geld te verdien en God-gegewe Gawes van Handel te bevorder, wordingMOCvir Wêreldwye liddiensverskaffers die vervulling van Lede se Dienspakkette, en die uitkontraktering van hul produkte en dienste aan nie-lid onderdane. 


A MOCfor Global Objective

"But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such government, and to provide new Guards for their future security."

The Declaration of Independence

State National Immunity 


Is Achieved By Completing The Following: 


First ~ Correcting one's Status from an incorporated state citizen and a United States, Inc. federal franchisee to a natural-born American or State National with inalienable rights.

Second ~ Become a Secured Party Creditor, permanently reversing one's financial status from debtor to creditor, establishing trust entities to help facilitate private banking and other benefits of estate planning, and asset management.


The videos on this page provide a wealth of information and history, or click to the left to become a MOCfor Global Member and begin the process of becoming a state national to experience the benefits of sovereignty intended by the authors of constitutions written for free nations. 

Know Why and How the World Works Today


A History Lesson You'll Never Forget


Exposed Secret Video Leaked ~ 1967

A description of life today as planned before 1967. The following three videos are educational and informative. Each explains the social engineering of Americans to accept today's socio-economic and political injustices.

How We Got Here ~ Step-by-Step


Presented by Robert Horton-US Army Special Ops

War Castles N W O ~ The Empire of The Three City-States.

Slavery never ended. Our journey, 1776 to Present-Day.

Presentation by Johnny Liberty in 1995

Birth Certificates printed on bond paper, Social Security Cards

We are franchisees of The United States of America, Inc.

Post Master General of The World as of 1999


Last-Flag-Standing: Russell-Jay: Gould

August 21, 2020

The Following are Two of the Twenty Resources We Use to Help MOCforGlobal's Private Members Achieve Natural Citizenship and National Immunities.



Kelby Smith is a devoted man of faith and trusted advisor on the subject of Natural Citizenship. We, The People, unwittingly forfeit our God-given rights to freedom to the government every time we contract ourselves to public entities like public schools, all incorporated businesses, and hospitals. One hundred years ago, the government overreach experienced today would never have been possible. It's time we return to our natural status.


Private Membership Associations (PMA) and Private Education Associations (PEA)


Learn the Basics of PMA 
and 508 Business Structures

It is our inalienable right to conduct business privately as we would family affairs in our own homes. Establishing a new or converting an existing business to a (PMA) or (PEA) protects it and its members from adverse actions from federal or state regulatory agencies.  Click below to learn more from David Edwards.

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